MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing


Here can be found the list of plenary Speakers who expressed their willingness to deliver presentations during plenary sessions at Manufuture 2011 conference.

Plenary Speakers

Őmer Anlağan

former Vice-President of TÜBITAK, Turkey

ManuFuture and the Gap between East and West

Herbert von Bose

Director, Directorate G – Industrial Technologies, European Commission

The role of Manufacturing for the European Economy

Rafał Dutkiewicz

President of Wroclaw, Poland

Official Conference Opening

Heinrich Flegel

Chairman - Manufuture HLG, Member of the Board - Daimler AG, Germany

European Industry in High Added Value Global Manufacturing – facts and challenges

Filip Geerts

General Director, CECIMO, Belgium

Why and how to keep European Advanced Manufacturing globally competitive?

Milan Gregor
President, CEIT Žilina – Central European Institute of Technology, Slovakia
New Member States' perspective on West-East Europe today's cooperation

Grażyna Henclewska

Vice-Minister of Economy, Ministry of Economics, Poland

Official Conference Opening

Bilge Imer
Aselsan Inc., Turkey
Danube Strategy and Turkey’s Role in the Region within the Context of High Added Value Manufacturing, Environment and Logistics

Francesco Jovane

Chairman of Manufuture ISG, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

European Innovation Partnership – New Industry

Rafał Jurkowlaniec

Marshall of Lower Silesia, Poland

Official Conference Opening

Detmar Kampmann

President of Volvo Poland Industry, Poland

Environmental Technology in the Volvo Bus Cooperation

Michał Kleiber

President of Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Round-table debate during Plenary Session 3

Barbara Kudrycka

Minister of Science and Higher Education, Poland

Official Conference Opening

Dalibor Marijanović

General Manager, Business Innovation Center of Croatia BICRO, Croatia

Creating a business and technology infrastructure for innovation

Massimo Mattucci

COO COMAU SpA, Chairman of EFFRA, Italy

PPP "Factories of the Future” current stage and perspectives

Andrzej Meder

CEO, ZMM KOPEX Group, Poland

Mining Machines Producer on Global Market

Hans - Martin Schneeberger
President and CEO, Schneeberger Holding AG, SwitzerlandCooperation in innovation of manufacturing systems for Medium Size Technology Companies

Sergey V. Serebriannikov

Rector, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Russia

R&D in Russia and the possibility of cooperation with the EU in the framework of European and international programs

Sergey I. Sidorenko

Vice-Rector, National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, Ukraine

View from EECA region

Engelbert Westkämper

Member of Manufuture ISG, former Director of Fraunhofer IPA, Germany

Next Generation Manufacturing

Tadeusz Więckowski

Rector, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

Official Conference Opening