MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing

Parallel Workshops

Parallel Workshops on Monday, 24 October 2011 at 13:40

 New emerging manufacturing science and technologies ManuFuture sub-platforms ManuFuture National and Regional InitiativesEU Success Stories ICT and e-Manufacturing
 Future Mining

New emerging manufacturing science and technologies

This workshop is dedicated to present emerging manufacturing science and technologies with the aim to show the potential of European R&D research and to encourage manufacturers and researchers to make Europe the world leader in manufacturing innovations.

ManuFuture sub-platforms

During this workshop selected platforms which stay under ManuFuture umbrella will present their mission and ability to contribute to bring the European manufacturing to higher level of advancement and value added. The following points will be addressed in the workshop: the role of Manufuture Sub-platforms in Global Manufacturing (Vision & Strategic Research Agenda), their contribution to Societal Challenges as well as for manufacturing the products of the future.

ManuFuture National and Regional Initiatives

The motto of the workshop is "Synergies between European and national and regional funds and programs in new CSF”. The goal of the workshop is to present and discuss the potential and role of Manufuture National and Regional Initiatives (NRTPs) within the process of implementation of Manufuture Strategic Research Agenda as well as West-East Europe integration, especially in the area of enabling synergies in financing the whole innovation cycle (research, prototype, rest of the cycle: test, validation and bringing to market (including marketing campaign)) in the new CSF.

EU Success Stories

This workshop is devoted to present success stories of chosen large significant mainly industry and business driven RTD projects run within PPP "Factories of the Future” and to discuss issues connected to experiences and advantages for European manufacturing, streaming from the concrete current results of the important undertakings. The presenters will focus on the business case and the societal challenge to be solved and, therefore, to show how the research done within the project will contribute to improve the societal challenge.

ICT and e-Manufacturing

During this workshop the view on the role of ICT in intelligent manufacturing will be presented  as well as the meaning and advantages of e-manufacturing will be underlined and discussed based on concrete examples.

Future Mining

This workshop is dedicated to show that mining industry nowadays faces transformation into efficient organism using modern production management approaches and advanced manufacturing products to operate in optimal way.

Parallel Workshops on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 at 13:30:

 Old and New EU Member States today’s partnershipSMEs in transforming European economiesPublic engagements activitiesEffective models of academia-research-industry cooperation Industrial education

Old and New EU Member States today’s partnership

The goal of the workshop is to analyse obstacles and opportunities of synergies between the economy (and the industry) of old and new EU member states with the aim to help to release the potential to create an unified space, with stronger competitive advantages which can be compared to other global competitors.

SMEs in transforming European economies

This workshop will underline main problems preventing the growth and modernization of the SME sector in transition countries and to propose and discuss ideas to help these SMEs to act on the European market better.

Public engagements activities

This workshop is devoted to present and discuss ways of public engagement to support development of European manufacturing industry.

Effective models of academia-research-industry cooperation

Invited speakers from different culture areas will present selected effective models of academia-research-industry cooperation, especially considering EU-West-East and beyond EU borders partnership. The workshop should show the best academia-research-industry models of partnership to encourage West and East Europe community (including Balkan countries, EECA region and Turkey) to join/establish such relations.

Industrial education

The workshop will bring the answer how the education of engineers shall be conducted to match industrial needs and how are the effective models of engineers education in advanced countries like Germany, U.K, Japan, China and USA.