MANUFUTURE 2011 Conference 24 - 25 October 2011
West and East Europe in global High Added Value Manufacturing

Parallel Events

The parallel events slot will give possibility to conference guests to choose one from offered several interesting ways of professional activity: industrial visits, 2 special sessions: one on Micro - and Nanomanufuture and the other one on Manufuture Village strictly connected to the Danube Strategy of European Commission, Brokerage event, visit exhibition and other optional sightseeing place.

Brokerage event

    On Tuesday, 25 October 2011  there will be a possibility of participation in Brokerage event - a set of quick (20-30 minutes) meetings, which is enough to forge business, research or technological connections and is an easy way to meet potential cooperation partner.

    Participants put information on-line in their profiles, select their meeting partners themselves, meet and discuss potential collaboration.

    During registration process for the conference, participant will have the opportunity to provide their profile and declare the area of interests.

Industrial visits

    On Tuesday, 25 October 2011, there will be a possibility of visiting Lower Silesian major manufacturing and industrial companies. Transport will be ensured from the conference venue.






Special sessions

Special session related to Micro - and Nanomanufuture in the frame of CSA MINAM 2.0:
     The major goal of the special session related to "Micro- and Nano-manufacturing” is to establish Micro and Nano-manufacturing as an important part of the manufacturing community in Europe. Needs and challenges will be discussed and collected by an open workshop organized by key players in Micro- and Nano-manufacturing and related ETPs of topics near to manufacturing.

The Special Session will start with an introduction to the CSA MINAM 2.0, presenting a new SRA draft and some ideas of common collaboration with a special focus of East – West Cooperation. Based on this a one hour Workshop with Industries and ETPs is planned, focusing on the identification of strategies, technical and commercial needs, providing a substantial input to the MINAM roadmapping activities,  programs and calls of the European Research Area.

Special session related to Manufuture Village Umbrella Initiative:
'South East Europe Contributions for the New Industries European Innovation Partnership'

     Manufuture Village group includes important people and entities from the area of Romania, Serbia, Republic of Moldova, Turkey and Slovakia as well as from outside (Germany,United Kingdom, Netherlands).

     The main target of the entity (as the South East Europe Alliance for Manufacturing - SEAM, with the "trade name” of ManuFutureVillage) is to revive the manufacturing activities in the area and to cooperate within the European framework for a better, faster and more efficient integration of the research and manufacturing efforts.

     Meanwhile the group entered the Danube Strategy Initiative, finding it very appropriate to its intentions and capacities.

   The Annual ManuFuture Conference in Wroclaw, Poland, is seen to be the place and the time for re-enforcing the conviction that in the crisis period, but also in the normal ones, the "self-sufficient” regional activities are crucial for the whole Europe’s prosperity and wealth.

     During the Manufuture Village special session, which motto is "South East Europe Contributions for the New Industries European Innovation Partnership”, various personalities, having practical projects, realistic ideas and valuable businesses will present their achievements, their thoughts and their expectations, in order to contribute to an Unified and successful Europe.